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“I love you, too.” πŸ’™

Very Short Story #29

“Would you be scared…” she stops, suddenly hesitating, meekly looking across the table at her coffee companion.

He implored her to go on with his ocean blue eyes. Gathering her courage, and pushing past the lump in her throat, she asks, “Would you be scared if I said that I love you?” She shut her eyes not wanting to see his reaction to her love confession. Because I do… love you, that is.Β Words tumbled and tossed and tangled around each other as they banged against her brain and knocked against her worried heart, but it came to a standstill when warm hands cupped hers.

The gesture gives her the courage to open her eyes, but not to still her wicked fears.

His hands returned to the large cup of java he was using to keep warm rather than to drink from it. The smile on his face was bright. It melted into pure happiness that she promised herself to move mountains if it meant framing the genuine expression on his face for all the lifetimes that they’ll spend together.

He was her moon.

“No,” he replied, blue eyes locked onto hers. “Because, I love you, too.”

All grammatical errors are mine.

*** Thanks for reading this super short. I’m slowly, but surely inching my way back to writing.Β 

***GIFs/Images that don’t belong to LPM are via Google Search (Right-click for original source)


24 thoughts on ““I love you, too.” πŸ’™”

    1. Thank you, chica! It was a last minute write up so I’m happy to hear that you do. Hahaha! Hoo! 🎡Do you remember the time… when we first met, girl…🎡Well, I guess you do. πŸ˜‚

      Anyways, thank you once again and hopefully, I can post another story soon as I plan to post at least one or two every month be it the will of God. May His grace be always sufficent for you. πŸ’™


      1. Hahaha! Well, you know me best! πŸ˜† I’ll be getting back in the groove of things soon. I’ve come to realize that work is a distraction and a means to stall or make us lose interest in the talents the Father has blessed us with. Yes, Amen! I’m not going to be wasting the talent/s anymore.

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  1. Very powerful piece written in just a few words! I loved how you expressed the woman’s feelings of fear in revealing her feelings, and especially liked how it ended with the man’s reaction erasing that with warmth. I enjoy reading your stories, how ever short or long they are πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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