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The Birds Will Always Sing a Song!

Like the birds, we must continue to sing no matter the storms of our season and trust in the Lord for our deliverance and needs.

My bestie captured this sense perfectly in this God-inspired piece. Visit the link and be blessed.


God Inspired Poetry

She sings in the summer!
She sings in the winter!
She sings in the autumn!
She sings in solemn!
She sings when the sun comes up and when it goes
She sings when her babies fall!

She sings when she doesnโ€™t hear them call!
She sings in the air!
She sings when food is rare!
She sings when she is alone!
She sings when she canโ€™t find a home!
She sings when heโ€™s gone!

She sings all the day long! She sings when I canโ€™t sing a song,ย ย 

She sings and that inspires me to go on!ย 

And teaches me to always sing a song when this race gets tough and I canโ€™t move along. ๐Ÿ˜ฆย 

To the ONE whom all praise is due, He taught me a lesson through her and said, โ€œYou must always sing too! No matter the season of your storm, for the birdsโ€ฆ

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