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The Entertainer Book Tag πŸ“š

I haven’t done a book tag in a while, but when I sawΒ The Entertainer Book TagΒ on Jade’s blog, I thought I’ll give it a try. It’s a short one, but you know the drill: grab your coffee and let’s go!

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1) Your favorite form of reading (ebook, audiobook, etc.)?

This question pops up in almost every book tag I come across. My answer is always the same no matter how many years I age: physical books. I tried ebook, but we were not compatible. I’m yet to try an audiobook, so maybe I’ll give that a chance one day.

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2)Β If you could trade places with any other MC in their fictional world facing the same problems as them, who would you trade places with?

Haha! This is funny, for although I’ve read hundreds of books, it’s always the male characters that resonate with me the most. Like, I can name five of my all-time favorite male characters at the snap of a finger (d’Artagnan, Spencer Reid, Luc Moncrief, Alex Cross, and Ethan Hunt!), but I can’t do the same when it comes to female MCs.

Image result for gif shrugging tom cruise

Eh, guess I adore male MCs more than their female counterparts. Oh, wait, I didn’t answer the question. Well, to be honest,Β when I was into mangas and the then anime forΒ Yu-Gi-Oh!Β I wanted to trade places with Yami Yugi for at least one episode. He was the coolest dude around and perhaps in the world of anime, still is. No one has spiky hair like him, the deep baritone or can even dream of wearing a jacket like him. Not even one Seto Kaiba.Β 

Image result for gif yami yugi cool

3) Favorite Movie?

I don’t watch movies anymore. The only ones I’m currently attempting to watch are the ones that I’m doing for the TC Challenge which I may not complete, but that’s okay. Anyway, my favorite movie is the Mission: Impossible franchise. If I have to choose one, Ghost Protocol.

Related image

Only in my dreams, I am this free to fly off buildings like this!

4) What do you wish you could see more of in books?

Characters that aren’t reduced to stereotypes such as Frenchmen. Almost every book I read, Frenchmen are reduced to the same great looking, adorable, lovable, philandering, smothering, delicious heartthrobs! Why can’t we have Frenchmen who aren’t dreamboats and hair that aren’t the best? The Frenchmen who have flaws like their other fictional male counterparts. Why can’t we have that?

5) Favorite first line from a book?

In the beginningΒ God createdΒ the heavensΒ and the earth.

Genesis 1:1

(The Holy Bible)

Image result for gif heaven and earth

6) AΒ book that isn’t your favorite all-time read, but one that you could read over and over again?

Image result for gif none

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23 thoughts on “The Entertainer Book Tag πŸ“š”

  1. There is a French man in one of Bodie Theone’s books in the Zion Covenant or Chronicles series that is really gross. If you like historical novels I recommend both series. In fact, I had to keep reading until i finished both series…12 books in two weeks. The setting is World War 2.

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  2. Spencer Reid ❀ I always love seeing him haha.

    Loved your answers, Diana! A lot of my favorite characters are also male, but I think that has to do with the fact that not a lot of female characters are well-written. Hopefully that'll change.

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    1. You know I love my Reid GIFs! πŸ’™

      Thank you, Jade. I agree. A lot of female characters are underwhelming. I also hope it’ll change soon, but I figure I’ll always prefer male characters.

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  3. I love this tag, especially your answer about character stereotypes. People claim to want diversity and to avoid stereotypes, but that rarely actually happens. So often characters (whether it’s French people or people of a certain race or culture or belief) fall into predictable stereotypes. I’ve noticed many books do this with Christians in general, which annoys me the most because I am a Christian. I’m so done with it! I want to read about real people, not caricatures.

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    1. Exactly! I dislike reading books where Christians are generalized. YA seems to do that a lot, too. I agree with you: real people, not caricatures!

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