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So, it’s July…

…and it still hasn’t settled in as yet.

We welcomed July with heavy rains last evening, so I thought this scripture was fitting.Β 

The World Cup wraps this month – the 15th to be precise – and I’ve been loving the atmosphere so far. The euphoria of the greatest event on the planet – it was never you, Carnival – has captured many attention and hearts globally, but please, make sure it doesn’t capture your soul. I’ve read a news article in which two fans took their lives in two separate incidents. One took his life when Argentina lost 3-0 to Croatia and the other when they got knocked out of the tournament by France.Β 

Bottom line is, this is just football and there is no need for anyone to take his/her life over it. The young men who took their lives were not even Argentinians; they hailed from India. I’ve been supporting France for years now and if they don’t win this WC, it’s not going to be the end of the world for me. It is selfish to take our lives over trivial and meaningless things.

We die for mortal idols, yet, we won’t die for the One who gave His life for us if the chance presented itself. Be careful of who/what you worship for these mortals aren’t gods; they’re flesh and blood just as us.

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Challenge forΒ juillet

Again, I won’t be doing any challenges this month. Last month, I said I wanted to complete the tags and challenges I’ve been neglecting for months, but never got around to it. I’ll try to see what I can do this month.Β 

BlessedΒ juillet to all and keep walking with Jesus.Β 


32 thoughts on “So, it’s July…”

    1. They certainly need to. Imagine the beautiful life they’ve selfishly thrown away! Thank you mon amie and same to you. πŸ’™

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      1. Always. πŸ˜„All the best with camp and may He continue to bless you. Amen! He is good all the time.

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    1. And that’s why we need to unplug from it sometimes. Thank you, my friend, and I pray you’ll have a happy July as well. πŸ’™

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    1. Yes, and unfortunately, it’s not going to be the first or last. Thank you, my friend, and I hope your July will be blessed and happy. πŸ’™ I have given up on awards, but I still like doing some fun challenges from time to time, but I understand. They can be time-consuming.

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    1. Yes, it’s very sad. I’ve seen it time after time again. I agree that we shouldn’t let emotions control us. If we’re investing so much in a match, then it’s safer to not engage in the sport after all.

      Thank you, Zizy, and happy July to you, too. πŸ’™

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  1. Taking lives is such atrocious. Nothing can justify it no matter how serious or trivial the issue is. Football all the way. This World Cup is downright the best I have witnessed. Every match is amazing

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    1. Absolutely, Shantanu! Nothing can justify it. They’ve given up their beautiful lives for nothing. I have to second you on that. This WC is nothing like the others! It’s unpredictable and I am loving it!

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  2. I love the message. We shouldn’t give our souls to mortals, only to God πŸ™.
    Loved the post.
    Happy July!! ✨

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    1. Absolutely! He gave us life and we’re not suppose to selfishly take it. Thank you and happy July to you, too! πŸ’™


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