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Cake Extravaganza!

The days are flying so fast that sometimes I remember what today is and then sometimes I don’t remember. Anyways, earlier this month (June 06th), the Baking and Pastry Arts students of the Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality Institute (TTHTI) was given a Disney theme for their final exam and they brought their A game, but a few cakes stood out for me.Β 

I’m too lazy to put my signature stamp on the photos, but enjoy:

101 Dalmatians

Tammy took this photo. So credit to my girl.Β 


Another Tammy photo.

Monsters Inc.


This was one of my utmost faves!

Tammy took this photo as well


Let’s zoom up on some details:

Big Hero 6


Inside Out



My overall fave!Β 

Photo by Tammy.Β 

Aren’t they talented? Which one is your favorite?

31 thoughts on “Cake Extravaganza!”

  1. They are all so beautiful! These are some talents chefs! My favorite is Mulan (both because Mulan is my favorite Disney princess and look at the details of the stream). Thank you for sharing. I remember getting super obsessed with cake-themed tv shows (like Cake Boss) when I was younger and this brings back memories!

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    1. They certainly are talented! The detail of the stream was what drew me to this cake. A job well done. My mom used to be a big fan of Cake Boss so every now & then, I used to watch it with her. πŸ˜ƒ

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