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The greatest World Cup song of all time!

The new World Cup song is so terrible that the first time I tried to listen to it when it came across TV during a match break, I couldn’t get past the chorus and had to put it on mute. It’s the stupidest song I’ve ever heard.Β Our very own Ultimate Rejects created a better song than the official rubbish that FIFA is calling a song:

‘Live It Up’ doesn’t have the passion of the World Cup. It’s like the song, and video has its own agenda. And what even is Will Smith doing on the track? This song deserves a red card.

‘Wavin Flag’ by Knaan is one of the best songs to ever feature for the WC. Don’t ask me about ‘Waka Waka’ for I don’t like it and Shakira’s voice kind of make my blood crawl. ‘We Are One (Ole Ola)’ by Pitbull for Brazil 2014 is forgettable and quite rightly so.Β 

Jean-Michel Jarre’s ‘Rendez-Vous 98’ for France 1998 is a masterpiece and I appreciate it very much.Β 

However, no matter how much FIFA tries, no song is ever going to beat the gloriousΒ ‘La Copa de la Vida’ by Ricky Martin for France 1998. This song is legendary and the Waka Waka generation doesn’t even know how precious this song is for football lovers. It captures the passion, the joy, the spirit, the love of the beautiful game! It’s the only song I listen to whenever a WC rolls around and this year is no different. It still gives me goosebumps. And his voice was so beautiful! πŸ’™

Ricky Martin also contributed ‘Vida’ to Brazil 2014 and it was the best song of the bunch.

Here’s a thought, FIFA: from now on, let Ricky Martin do all the singing for the WC for he embodies the passion and joy of the game.

And now here’s a fun fact: Ricky Martin made me appreciate Spanish… Puerto Rican in particular. Seriously, though, he was the one who got me into Spanish music. La Copa de la Vida was the first song I’ve learned the Spanish lyrics to. Ricky bought the Spanish flavor to the French capital in 1998 and we loved it!

Image result for gif ricky martin la copa de la vida

Un, deux, trois! Ale, Ale, Ale!


15 thoughts on “The greatest World Cup song of all time!”

  1. I wish I could play the videos to hear the songs. I will try again later. Ahh the joys of living in the boonies where they haven’t upgraded internet since we got it hahaha. Makes me wonder though, reading this, why do they change the song each year? If one works, and embodies the sport, why keep changing it?

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    1. It’s okay, my dearest! I guess it’s because every WC is set in different locations and they want to embody the atmosphere. πŸ€”

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