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I Only Want To Get You, Coffee ☕

Short Story #21
A friends to lovers thing
A short coffee romance

I looked at the two coffees in confusion in my hands. “Why have I got two?” I asked the barista. “I only wanted one.”

She looks at me as if I had grown an extra head. “Do you sleepwalk? This is the third time that you came in and ordered the same two coffees.”

“Oh,” I could feel my cheeks growing warmer. “Thanks,” blushing out of embarrassment, I left the shop pinning the blame solely on one Nickolas Abdool. I missed him so much although I was the one at fault. We were the best of friends before something shifted in the universe, pushing us even closer together and when he finally admitted the way he felt about me a few weeks ago, I ran. I liked us being friends despite the fact that I always wanted to make him smile. His smiles were like sunshine on a rainy afternoon especially the one with the soft turn of lips, dimples deepening, chocolate brown eyes, soft and bright.

I missed him.

So when I showed up on his porch the next morning and his eyes bulged like some sort of exotic insect when he opened the door to me holding out a coffee to him, I was expecting him to tell me off. Instead, he accepted it wordlessly and stood to the side to let me in.

“It turns out that when I get a coffee, I order yours as well and then it dawned on me that I only want to get you, coffee.” I rambled. “Does that make sense?”


“No,” he drawls in that Kentucky accent, still thoroughly confused. “But keep talking.”

“Last week, I went to the mall and I ordered you a coffee despite the fact that you weren’t with me and I had no intention to come visit. And do you know what I did a while ago?”

Nickolas grins. “I can guess, but I’ll like the sound of it better coming from your mouth.”

I shrug. “I did it again, Nick. I ordered you a coffee.” I then sighed and decided to come clean with it. “I missed you, Nick.”

He smiled somewhat sadly. “I missed you, too. I would’ve kept my feelings to myself had I known you would’ve run.”

“It’s not that, Nick. The only time I feel like smiling is when I’m with you. Your voice surrounds my heart like a blanket because it reminds me of home. It’s just that all these new feelings left me perplexed because I don’t want our friendship to end.”

“And who says it’s ending?”

“When friends become lovers there is no going back to normal after a break-up.”

“You won’t know unless you try.”


“I know that now. Wait, I need to do something.” I told him putting his peace offering coffee down on the kitchen island. I stepped in front of him, tiptoed and pressed my lips chastely against his for a few seconds. “Okay, definitely didn’t feel like it was kissing my brother.”

Nickolas laughed a deep throaty laugh and teased, “You’ll be miserable for all of tomorrow over me.”

“No, I’d be miserable for all of my tomorrows without you and I like getting you coffee, so there’s that extra bonus.”


*sighs* In the end, it did not turn out as romantic as I wanted it to be for I kept rewriting and adding stuff. I don’t write short stories in advance anymore. I literally write the story two hours or so before I post (it). Also, I dislike writing in this particular POV, but the story kept leaning that way so I had no choice, but to follow where the writing led me.

I’m sorry for not elaborating further on Nickolas’ character. I kind of enjoyed writing him although his appearance didn’t tell you anything (how tall he is, if he’s handsome, a few of his favorite things, etc.) but hey, he’s from Kentucky and I LOVE the Kentuckian drawl. 😜

This short story is in sync with the six-word story I posted earlier. Thank you for reading. God bless. 💙

39 thoughts on “I Only Want To Get You, Coffee ☕”

    1. If it did, that would’ve been a totally different story altogether for I’m stingy with coffee and might have drunk his without second guessing! 😄Thank you so much, Luda. 💙


  1. You’re doing great!

    Think of it as the Kentucky Derby. You saddled the horse, you had the courage to get started; you’re in it to win it. You just need to steady your heart, and let God take you the finish line!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Warren. Sometimes while writing, things don’t go as planned and I end up with a less desired result.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Who doesn’t love a Kentuckian drawl hahaha. I love it. I think it is brilliant. If I had a complaint, it was that I wanted more. This part isn’t a complaint, more of an observation, I felt nervousness, and I don’t know if it was from the character or you. Whichever it was, it works because she was nervous about her feelings, his feelings, the outcome of their situation. It works nicely :):)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, my dearest! Who doesn’t? 💙Thank you! I’m thinking of writing a part two, but I don’t have it in me. Truth be told, I was not nervous while writing this story; I was actually excited. The narrator was supposed to be a little nervous when confronting Nickolas about her feelings and although I failed to really play up on it, you caught on to it.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I totally enjoyed reading this story Diana. And seriously you didn’t need to apologize to us your readers. For me i like the simplicity and growing into love kind of feel. Not the everyday kind of love story. The title… I love it! Well done! Of course you can still work on the story to make it even bigger but it just simply beautiful… And I mean this. 👍

    Liked by 2 people

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