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Thankful Thursday: Blogger’s edition #8: Ladies of the Garden!

Hahaha! Sounds like the title of a Shakespeare play, doesn’t it? *Shrugging* Eh, I’m no fan of Shakespeare, but maybe these ladies are? 🤔Anyway…

Pop in for a visit at plantsandbeyond

I love Luda’s blog and today, I am utmost grateful for it.

My friend Luda is extremely passionate about cooking, healing, volunteering, reading, and gardening among many other wonderful things. If you’re interested in creating your very own healing organic garden, she’s your gal. You can stop by her wonderful ‘About’ page and learn more about the woman behind the blog.

Visit| About

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A Favorite Post| Making More Of Your Outdoors

Her love and passion shine throughout her posts which are lovingly crafted. I learn so many things whenever I pop in for a visit and it has enriched my life in so many ways. She hosts a variety of content including how to host the perfect dinner party, how to make more out of your outdoors and the benefits of moss gardening. Her posts are inspiring and they’ll make you want to start a garden or beautify your house in ways you never thought of before.

Pop in for a visit at reemasgarden

This is another blog that I am very much grateful for!

Reema has made gardening simplified. Whether you’re new to gardening, an expert, or simply interested in it as a hobby and not quite sure how to proceed, then Reema is your girl. She writes about flowers (who can resist such beauty anyway?), pots, farming, mulching etc. 

I take away something new each time I visit. Like Luda, one can feel Reema’s passion in her well-crafted posts for agriculture. 

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A Favorite Post| Don’t be scared to experiment

I enjoy and love these two wonderful blogs. I may not have my own garden as yet, but I am learning a lot and I am thankful for all the great tips and advice they’ve been dishing out. Ladies, thank you and keep doing what you do. 💙

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I have no idea why I still use this banner! Pretty soon, I’ll have to replace it with something else.

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21 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Blogger’s edition #8: Ladies of the Garden!”

  1. Reblogged this on Plants and Beyond and commented:
    This generous post brought to me happy tears today. I am so grateful for Diana’s friendship and continuous support. Have to share the Thankful Thursday message-We are all interconnected, part of the karmic circle and pass on our feelings and energy from one being to another. Hope all of you, dear friends will derive joy and appreciation from this day. Lots of Hugs, Luda.

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  2. You brought to me to happy tears, Diana. I just don’t know how to express my gratitude to you and how you made me feel today and every single day being there as a warm, generous, giving friend. I am so reblogging your work to my own post. Haha. Off to share your sacred friendship with my family, they already know you exist, but now will buzz their ears off :))) And, Diana, thank G-d you I met you here. Xoxoxoxo,

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    1. Your blog is amazing, Luda and you’re a kind, warm, wonderful person! I am happy to know you. 💙Yes! Thank God we met here. Haha! My family and friends know about you too. 💙

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  3. Thank You Diana!! Means a lot!! I am falling short of words to express my gratitude… Diana, you have always been so kind, supportive and encouraging! God Bless You!!
    Re-blogging this post! 🙂

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