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Day 13: One of your favorite 80’s songs

I was a huge fan of 80s music growing up, but the 80’s belonged to Michael Jackson and because someone is currently blasting the song a few houses away, it made it easier for me to choose this song: Liberian Girl.ย 

This song was too beautiful to be true! I loved the spoken Swahili at the very beginning and the South American jungle tropical-like theme scored! Michael dedicated this song to close friend Elizabeth Taylor, but it was not about her. Rather, it was about Diana Ross. I recall that the song was written in 1983 for The Jacksons’ย Victoryย album, but it didn’t make the cut. MJ reworked it for theย BADย album. Also, also, there was that story that MJ and Diana Ross went on a vacation to Liberia, Costa Rica in 1983, hence the inspiration behind the song.

Image result for is liberian girl about diana ross

*shrugging* I guess MJ thought unrequited love tasted bad and when Ross got married again, he decided to spite her and dedicate it to the other older woman in his life who was gradually replacing Diana who thought of him more like a son.

Gotta love a good speculation!

Although the song is not really about an actually Liberian girl, it didn’t stop Liberia women from gushing over the song calling it empowering.ย 

Naku penda pia
Naku taka pia

Liberian girl
You came and you changed my world
A love so brand new
Liberian girl
You came and you changed me girl
A feeling so true

11 thoughts on “Day 13: One of your favorite 80’s songs”

  1. Wonderful song, one of the songs on my playlist! The 80โ€™s was my jam Diana, I have hundreds of favourites on my playlist from that decade. I have to go with my girl Whitney Houston, and โ€œYou give good love,โ€ released in 1985. My wife knows this, but I probably would have married Whitney. If didnโ€™t meet her, my one true love of of this world in 1986; the rest is history. Another great question, thanks for asking!

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    1. Same here, Warren. I was a huge fan of 80’s music. Ooh, Whitney had some great pipes, but strange enough, I never warmed up to her. I just don’t know why. Thanks for sharing your favorite as always, Warren.

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