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The Football Tag! ⚽

I found this tag on Wattpad and decided to have a go at it with the pending World Cup and all.

Favorite Club Team

FC Barcelona of course! I also like Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique Lyonnais.

Favorite Footballer

Lionel Messi, Olivier Giroud & Edinson Cavani. Hugo Lloris is my favorite goalkeeper.

Image result for gif hugo lloris

Favorite National Team

The French team! I also have soft spots for Argentina and Uruguay. 

Related image

Best Player In The World

Messi of course!

Favorite Football Blog

I don’t follow football blogs anymore as I’ve closed my football blog altogether. 

Ugliest Footballer In The World

I didn’t know football was a beauty pageant!

Sexiest Footballer In The World

Again, I didn’t know that the sport was a beauty pageant. 

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A Footballer I Hate

I dislike how some footballers may conduct themselves on (and sometimes off) the pitch, but I don’t hate anyone.

A Football Team I Can’t Stand

I’m not going to lie, but sometimes I just can’t seem to stand Juventus, Real Madrid, Manchester United and Espanyol, but football won’t be better off without them.

A Footballer I’ll Love To Be Friends With

I’ll have to go with Antoine Greizmann! And I think we’ll get along just fine. 😄

Image result for gif antoine griezmann

A Footballer I’ll Love To Meet

I actually don’t care to meet any footballers. Seeing them play on TV is enough.

My Top 6 Footballers

In no particular order: Messi, Giroud, Cavani, Greizmann, Lloris, and the rest of the Les Bleus. 😃


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