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Day 19: What is your biggest regret in life?

I’ve come to learn from my past mistakes and I’ve come to be a better person because of making them, so je ne regrette rien.ย And how can I? I’m happily living for God now and loving it!

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Thankful Thursday: Bloggerโ€™s edition #6

Hello again!

Pop in for a visit atย

Today I am grateful for Minister Aldtric Johnson’s blog.

Minister Johnson loves the Word of God and he enjoys sharing it. He’s also a published songwriter/executive producer for his independent music label. He utilizes his gift to the fullest of his capability.ย 

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He also talks about leadership, a Godly marriage, how prayer can help in your life and how to be thankful and content.

A Favorite Post|ย Why Swear In Court When God Forbids It

I enjoyed reading his posts for theyย make me stop, think, and reflect and I know you would enjoy reading and learning more about God’s Word to so don’t hesitate to drop in.ย