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Day 8: Discuss a moment when you felt most satisfied with your life.

When I got baptized. However, I still have work to do and I’m working on it every day. Growing in my relationship with God is all that matters at the moment. But I also have to keep my spiritual eyes open.

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Challenges/Tags/Fun Stuff

My last Liebster Award

I am always late for these things. 😒

Aubrey of Real Life nominated me for the Liebster Award since January and I am now getting to it. Aubrey is such a beautiful soul! She blogs about family life, fun projects, and she draws really well. Stop in sometime to partake in her blog. 😄

This is going to be the very last time that I’ll be accepting this award so let’s do this.

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1. If your house was burning down, and your entire family was completely safe and you had the essentials that you need in life, what is one thing that you would grab to save from the house?

The Holy Bible. Speaking of the Bible, I remember watching a recommended news clip on YouTube in which a woman’s house burned entirely to the ground and everything in it save the Bible. It reminded me of heaven and earth passing away, but never His Word (Luke 21:33).

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2. Pranks? Yes or no?

I don’t like or pull them, but I enjoy watching the harmless and good-natured ones that the Dobre twins pull.

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3. What is your favorite movie and why?

The Mission Impossible franchize because no one does insane stunts like TC!

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4. Sour or sweet?

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5. What is the weirdest place where you have found something that you lost?

Under my bed!

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6. What is a hobby that you would like to get into if you had all the money and time that you needed?

Is book collecting/hoarding a hobby? I’ll certainly like to get into that! Think about all the books I can buy without restrictions! 😆

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7. What is your favorite genre of books and movies?

Mystery, thrillers and real-life crime are my favorite genre of books. As for movies, I don’t care for it anymore, but I liked action films (not hardcore ones such as John Wick, though!). 

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8. Hot cocoa, Tea, or Coffee on a cold day?

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9. Would rather go hang gliding, skydiving, or whitewater rafting?

Skydiving, baby!

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10. What would you like the color of your future wedding to be? Or, if you’re already married, what was the color of your wedding?

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11. What’s a quirk that you have that you like?

I talked about my quirks a few months ago, so I’ll just say that I like all of my flaws. 

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Thank you for reading. 😄

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