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Day 2: 20 Facts About You

20 facts? I don’t know if I can get up to 20, but let’s try.

1. I dislike talking about myself.

2. I love God so much that words can’t describe the feeling.

Image result for gif universe

3. I write. A lot. Hence the reason why I have a lot of incomplete stories as far back as 2009. Or maybe it was from 2007? Eh, who’s counting anyway!

4. My favorite number is 4.

5. I’ve never worn make-up and don’t intend to start anytime soon or later.

6. I am a child of the Most High.

7. I love cheese pizza… topped with pineapple, green peppers, and onions!

8. I have a little reminder (a bump) on my right leg from when I fell off the bunk bed ladder. I was about ten or less. Eh, stuff happens when you play too much. But it was worth it!

9. I’m a nerd.ย 

Image result for gif nerd

10. I am in love with languages!ย 

11. My favorite song of all time is ‘Save the Last Dance For Me’ by Ben E. King.

12. My favorite sport to watch is football. Go Lesย Bleus!

Image result for gif les bleus

13. I’m mixed, but for the most part, I’m Indian.

14. I like Shah Rukh Khan, Mattew Gray Gubler, and Will Yun Lee, but my all-time favorite actor is Tom Cruise… even when he’s throwing things in anger.

Image result for gif tom cruise actor

15. Tyler is aย pseudonym.

16. I don’t have a dream car.

17. I once wanted to be a lawyer.

Image result for gif tom cruise lawyer

18.ย I like ice cream, just not Hรคagen-Dazs.

19. I love blue eyes.

20. I want to live in France one day. If that does not work out, Los Angeles can call my name on her lips.

Related image

And that’s it. Nothing tabloid juicy. ๐Ÿ˜† I scheduled some posts for this weekend and for the rest of the month. I also scheduled the rest of this challenge. I’ll see you guys sometime next week God’s willing. Take care and God bless. ๐Ÿ’™

***GIFs via Giphy and Tenor.

6 thoughts on “Day 2: 20 Facts About You”

  1. Your comment on writing a lot and having many unfinished pieces has me pondering. I know a lot of writers whose collection of writings looks very similar to this. But I wonder what the key is to finishing the pieces you start. I have several unfinished pieces, but most of those are pieces I wanted to get down parts before I forgot them, and eventually, I’ll come back to and finish them. I have far more finished pieces than unfinished. I also have a couple that the draft is finished, but they’ve only made it through a few rounds of editing. I struggle with the enormous task of editing large pieces. Smaller pieces are more manageable for me. And now I’m thinking about how I really need to quit dragging my feet and edit my horror novel. And all that from just one of the 20 items you listed. Haha. The rest of the items were great too, that’s the one that made me stop and think more about it though.

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    1. Honestly, Mandie, whenever I write something and all the ideas are down on paper and I know how the story is going to end, I tend to get bored and move to another story. I know this is bad, but it gives me something to return to at a later time. I have to really try to complete my stories whenever I start them instead of neglecting them, though, but I don’t consider myself a writer in the traditional sense so I don’t fuss about the pieces I neglect.

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