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Food #44: Anzac Biscuits

Origin: Australia and New Zealand
Date: 1915
Type: Oatmeal cookie

Anzac Day is on April 25th and every year, these biscuits are made to be sold before and on the day. It is a day of remembrance for the servicemen and women of the two countries who died in the war.

Would I eat/drink it?: I love these biscuits!

22 thoughts on “Food #44: Anzac Biscuits”

      1. they are sooooo good and easy to make. Bisquik, water, and sharp cheddar cheese, mix all together, and bake 10 minutes or until golden brown. While baking, melt butter, add garlic powder(not garlic salt), and I add some italian seasoning to mine too. Remove biscuits from oven, and spread the melted butter, and garlic over top. EAT IMMEDIATELY Ok the recipe doesn’t say that but, oh my, hot biscuits are divine :):):)

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      2. I have everything, but the Bisquik! Oh, man! I’ll write this recipe down and save it for the near future. Thanks for sharing. 💙Oh, yes, hot biscuits are just divine!

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      3. I got the recipe from Paula you can google it. or when you get ready to make it just pop me a comment and I will give you all the exact measurements. It’s so quick and easy, and delicious. You literally have the biscuit dough made by the time the oven warms up.

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      4. It’s been a while since I’ve heard of Paula! You have me excited to try this. Where do you want me to comment? Here or on your blog?

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      5. Either one You know I’ll see it no matter which one you drop it on. :):) Yeah we went to her restaurant in Savannah. They made an anniversary of ours very special. I couldn’t believe how kind they were. We met both her sons. I ate so much food I was miserable! I’ve never done that again but everything was sooooo good.


      6. What a lovely experience! I’ve read nice things about her as well and it’s glad to hear about this memorable occasion. Haha! The food was too good, eh? 😉

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