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50 Foods #40: Jaffa Orange

Origin: Near the city of Jaffa
Date: By the mid-19th century
Type: Fruit

I could imagine the marketplace of Old City Jaffa overflowing with oranges in the hot summer sun. The Jaffa orange is sweet and practically seedless.

But where is Jaffa? History is what I do best. 🙂

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Jaffa Old City via

The biblical town of Joppa is known today as Jaffa or Yaffo and it is one of the oldest port cities in Israel and the Mediterranean. Tel Aviv was founded on the outskirts of Jaffa in 1909 and it encompasses the ancient city today.

The city of Joppa is mentioned in Acts 9:36-42 when Peter came to Joppa from Lydda to raise Tabitha from the dead and he had a vision on a house-top. The city has also been associated with Jonah when he fled from the Lord (Jonah 1:3). It is also the place where the woodcut in Lebanon by Hiram’s men for Solomon was brought in floats (1 Chronicles 2:16).

The city was taken by Napoleon in 1799 for the French. This event was known as The Siege of Jaffa. There’s a statue of the Frenchman welcoming visitors to Jaffa and Napolean’s gate still stands today.

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Okay, that’s enough history. I apologize for getting carried away.

I’ll love to visit this ancient city one day.

Would I eat/drink it?: I love oranges! 

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15 thoughts on “50 Foods #40: Jaffa Orange”

  1. You don’t need to apologize for the history lesson – I appreciated it and enjoyed it very much. 🙂 It does sound like a great place to visit someday.

    I love oranges! I’ll have to look the next time we go shopping and see if Jaffa oranges are available here. 🍊

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