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50 Foods #39: Corned Beef

Origin: South America
Date: 19th century
Type: Canned salt-cured beef

The origin of corned beef is often disputed given that there are no clear exact origin beginnings. It is versatile. You can season it and eat it in a sandwich, stew it, fry it, whatever your heart may desire.

Would I eat/drink it?: I’ve stopped eating corned beef altogether. Personally, it reminds me of cat/dog food.

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via Food Network

16 thoughts on “50 Foods #39: Corned Beef”

  1. Not sure if I would eat it but I’m sure my husband would! The man is a human garbage disposal lol. His philosophy is to try everything at least once. Mine is if it doesn’t look/smell good, I’m not going near it lol.

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  2. I don’t have it very often, but corned beef is one of my favorite meals. I love how tender it can be, and my favorite is to eat it with cabbage and potatoes. When they’re all cooked together, the spices from the corned beef are absorbed by the cabbage and potatoes. Mmmm. Yep, sorry can’t convince me that it’s cat food. 🙂

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    1. Haha! Don’t worry, I’m not convincing anyone; it’s how I personally feel every time I look at it. I used to enjoy it when I was younger, but now, I can’t even bear to look at it. I’m glad you enjoy it, though.

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