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50 Foods #37: Caviar

Origin: Caspian Sea
Date: 19th century
Type: Cured sturgeon roe

Caviar (salted cured fish eggs) is considered a delicacy and eaten as a spread. It is the pickled roe of sturgeon or another large fish.

Would I eat/drink it?: Not even if you paid me a million dollars!

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24 thoughts on “50 Foods #37: Caviar”

    1. I read somewhere that according to the brand it isn’t much expensive, but I don’t know. I just always thought it’s too expensive.


  1. …caviar is pickled fish eggs? 😲 I knew they were fish eggs and I thought that was bad enough, but they pickled them? Uh, no thanks. I like pickles, but I’m with you, keep the million dollars, you couldn’t pay me enough to taste this. 😅

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      1. Your response cracked me up. I’ve had it before, but it wasn’t the really good type of caviar. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t something that I’d crave either. I’d be willing to try a high quality caviar, but I’m not sure how much it would change my impression about it.

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