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Phobia Challenge: O

Here we go again. πŸ™‚

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GIF via KidsHealth

Obesophobia – Fear of gaining weight

Ochlophobia – Fear of crowds or mobs

Ochophobia/Amaxophobia– Fear of riding in vehicles

Octophobia – Fear of the number 8

Odontophobia/Dentophobia – Fear of teeth or dental surgery

Oenophobia – Fear of wines

Oikophobia – Fear of home surroundings, houses, or being in a house

Olfactophobia – Fear of smells

Ombrophobia – Fear of rain or being rained on

Ommatophobia/Ommetaphobia – Fear of eyes/eye care

Oneirophobia – Fear of dreams

Onomatophobia – Fear of hearing a certain word or names because of their meaning

Ophidiophobia – Fear of snakes

Ophthalmophobia/Scopophobia/ScoptophobiaΒ – Fear of being stared at

Optophobia – Fear of opening one’s eyes

Ornithophobia – Fear of birds

Orthophobia – Fear of propriety or correct behavior

Osmophobia/Olfactophobia – Fear of smells/odors

Ostraconophobia – Fear of shellfish

Ouranophobia – Fear of heaven or the sky


18 thoughts on “Phobia Challenge: O”

      1. I promise I’m not up to trouble. If I ever post any future topic regarding snakes, I’ll put a warning just for you in the heading.

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  1. Another great post. I wrote a horror story that was published last month that could have a person develop ombrophobia. I took something that was normally pleasant, the scent of rain, and had it signify that the monster in the story was close by.

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      1. It’s in the Dec. 2017 issue of Disturbed Digest. It’s called Alger’s Dimension. (It’s the one where my name is on the cover). I’ll have to put the story on my website one day so people who visit can read it, but there’s a period after they print it where I can’t do anything with it .

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