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50 Foods #28: Biltong

Origin: South Africa
Date: 17th century
Type: Cured meat

I’ve never heard of biltong until this book, so I had no idea what it was. Biltong is a form of cured meat that is cured with salt and vinegar which is then air-dried so it lasts a lifetime. Various meats such as game and beef are used to produce it. 

Biltong is related to beef jerky given that they are both dried and spiced meats.

Would I eat it?: Eh!

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via Buzz South Africa


7 thoughts on “50 Foods #28: Biltong”

  1. I’d try it, since I love beef jerky so much. But I’m not a huge fan of vinegar, so I might hate it! But I’m willing to give anything a try. I was just watching a travel vlog on Youtube about Peru and they were talking about how Peruvians love eating guinea pigs. Compared to that, biltong seems quite normal. 🙂

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    1. I’m with you on the vinegar. What’s the strangest thing that you’ve ever eaten? Haha! I’ll stay away from cuy if I ever travel to Peru.

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      1. Chicken feet…the weirdest thing I ate that doesn’t sound weird but was super weird. I’ll never eat them again. But what is strange? Something strange to me might be completely normal to someone else!

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