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50 Foods #27: Sugar

Origin: New Guinea
Date: 17th century onward
Type: Carbohydrate

Ooh, yes, the sweet stuff!

Hands with painted nails holding a bitten sugary donut

Sugar has quite an interesting history behind it. When I think of sugar, I recall how it was a rare and expensive commodity until the 17th century. The author reminds the reader of this expense during the White Gold period. The French and the English have a huge part to play in this. The author touched on rum and the revolution and how the British were forced to impose a duty on molasses after the expense they racked up during the French and Indian Wars.

Sugar is the main ingredient that is used in practically any and everything today from pastries to tea. I don’t know what the world would do without this sweet.

Would I eat it?: Well, I basically eat it every day!

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14 thoughts on “50 Foods #27: Sugar”

  1. Sorry, I really eliminate most sugars and sweeteners since I realized with Dr. Mark Hyman that it’s one thing that causes inflammation in my body and bad effect on my mood and thinking ability as well as hurting my aging teeth and gums. I can wait until I get to Heaven to dig into major sweets on a regular basis!

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    1. I’ve cut down on many sweets, but I still find myself eating one sweet a day. It’s good that you’ve eliminated them. 🙂


  2. I did a 21-day sugar detox a few months ago (I wasn’t allowed to eat any sugar for the full twenty-one days) and I was amazed how difficult it was to find things to eat. I couldn’t eat things like fruit, bread, and even condiments like Ketchup and most salad dressings. It was horrible, but my body felt great by the end (until I went back to eating sugar). Sugar tastes delicious, but it’s horrible for my body and gives no nutrients. But it’s still so good I can’t stop eating it, even if it’s slowly poisoning my body (dramatic, but realistic).

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    1. I have a friend who tried the 21-day sugar detox and she was frustrated that she couldn’t find many things to eat without sugar like you said. Yes, it’s so good, but we must eat it in moderation.

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