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Book Haul part deux

This is a mini haul. My goal this year is to kill my TBR list, but it’s only growing bigger. I’m also working on doing a reading challenge this year, but it looks highly unlikely at the moment. Anyways, the following books are now added to the ever-growing collection.

Love Him to Death by Tanya Newman

This is actually the 8th book in the Poppy Fields Murder Mystery and I bought it for my sister who now wants to own the entire series. I’ll be reading it, though, for she read the book in one day and insist that I read it.Β 

Message in the Flames by Steven Torres

I got this book on sale and IΒ just couldn’t pass it up. I read that it was first published asΒ Burning Precinct Puerto Rico and the book is a reprint in a series of 3, but the publishers changed the numbers and this one is book 2. Whatever the confusion, I’m going to read this as a standalone.

All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda

I was intrigued by the writer telling this story backward and many readers promised that the ending was one big fat twist. It sounds like a promising read and I hope for the best.

If We Were Villains by M.L. Rio

This is supposed to be a literary thriller and this book is also the author’s debut. I have a confession, though: I only bought the book because I think the title sounded really cool and the edges are black.

The Crime Archives by Damon Wilson

This is a collectible and probably the coolest thing I’ve ever bought! It includes rare facsimiles of documents that led to the capture and conviction of these criminals.


14 thoughts on “Book Haul part deux”

  1. I’ve only read If We Were Villians from your list, and I wasn’t a fan of it. Like you, I got the book because of the interesting title (and it’s ties to Shakespeare). While the story (the mystery part) is interesting, the characters were annoying at best and intolerable at worse. However the rest of these books look very interesting! I look forward to hearing what you think about them, if you ever get to read them (I know I put books on my TBR all the time and they end up sitting on my bookshelf for years).

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    1. Yes, the title was pretty catchy! I hope I can get to it by next month God’s willing, but I do the same where it concerns my TBR so who knows? It might be there until next year or so.

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  2. Looks like another interesting group of books, EM! I can’t wait to hear the review on these. Thrillers and mysteries are a couple of my favorite genres to read. πŸ™‚

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