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50 Foods #23: Roquefort cheese

Origin: France
Date: 1411
Type: Blue cheese

Finally! A yummy topic!

If it’s one thing the French love besides their wine, it’s cheese. France is home to over 600 types of cheeses, but this has been a debate over the years with some reports claiming close to 1,000 while some say its closer to 400. Whatever the case may be, the French are proud to be a cheese consuming nation.

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The Roquefort cheese is a sheep milk goat cheese that originated in the South of France. Only cheeses produced in the caves of Mont Combalou near the village of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon in the Midi-Pyrenees region can legally and rightfully bear the name Roquefort. It is one of the world’s best-known blue cheese and sometimes called the ‘King of cheeses’.

The Roquefort serves a delightful palate when paired with a nice bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.

Would I eat it?: I love trying all kinds of cheese, so yes. 😋

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29 thoughts on “50 Foods #23: Roquefort cheese”

  1. I love cheese! ❤ I was milk intolerant for most of my life, but in recent years I found out that I have outgrown it, so now I am making up for lost time, haha. But… is the blue in the blue cheese… mold? 😲

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    1. Ah, one of France’s oldest cheese. I’ll love to try it, but where I live, worldwide cheese are limited.


      1. I am currently trying to organize a summer trip and I really hope that things go according to plan. I hope I don’t delete your email by mistake for I rarely use gmail. Whenever I log in, I delete everything.

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      1. Hahaha! Because it’s known as the cheese of kings and popes in France and because the least good looking cheeses always taste merveilleux!

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