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Thankful Thursday: Blogger’s edition #1

It’s Thursday! And this is the Thursday that I’m going to start showing my appreciation for the blogs that I follow like I said I wanted to do last month. To recap: I wrote down all of the names of the blogs that I follow on pieces of paper, put them into a bag, shake it up and had my sister choose. 

So today, I’m grateful for…

Pop in for a visit at

I just caught up with Akhila over on Words and Notion. I’m guilty of not keeping up with her blog for the Reader is kind of messed up and all the blogs I follow doesn’t always show up. 

Akhila is a Quality Assurance professional and she makes words dance off the page with her thought-provoking poems. I find her Psychic Science posts intriguing and her Female Behavior series convincing.

Post Alert!| I am not always right

She sometimes features posts in her native Malayalam, a language I which I can understand! She has a book out now and it’s available on Amazon.

I have some more catching up to do, but I am thankful for this blog.

20 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Blogger’s edition #1”

    1. Where it concerns WP dropping people I follow, happened to me recently and I had to follow some of them back. I hope they can sort the reader out soon for it’s annoying.

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  1. Awesome, EM! I have been thinking about trying to incorporate links to other blogs on my website too. I have an idea for several, but they won’t come out until April as part of NaPoWriMo, which is a month-long challenge to write a poem a day for a month. I thought I’d include links to some of my favorite poems by bloggers I follow in celebration of the month. I want to come up with more ideas though since I follow a lot of blogs that don’t write poetry.
    On a side note, the links to Words and Notion did not work for me. I’ll have to try again later.

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    1. Sounds exciting, Mandie! I’ll look forward to those posts. I double checked the links for Words and Notion, and they work fine. Are they working for you now? I hope so.

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      1. Thank for reminding me. I had checked back a bit after I left the comment and it was still not working. I even googled the site and found the old wordpress site with a link to the new site, and it wouldn’t load that either. It seems to be working fine now though.

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      1. It’s okay. I was agreeing with you that it’s awesome being bilingual and telling you at the same time that I wish I was. 🙂

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  2. hey…
    It was such a pleasant surprise for me to see this after 7 months…I donno why i didnt get any post alerts on time..
    Anyway thank you so much for this…catch you soon

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    1. Hello, Akhila! It’s quite okay. I too haven’t been getting post alerts and WordPress unfollowed some blogs for me so I was in the process of following some back. You’re welcome and hope you’re good. Take care.


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