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50 Foods #12: Spartan Black Broth

Origin: Ancient Greece
Date: 5th century BCE
Type: Blood soup

It is said that no recipe for Spartan black broth has survived so I don’t know exactly how this food changed the course of history. This soup was made of blood, salt, vinegar and pigs’ legs and served at every Spartan’s mess. 

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Would I eat it?: 

Image result for gif nope

11 thoughts on “50 Foods #12: Spartan Black Broth”

  1. That sounds absolutely disgusting! I mean, I’ve heard of eating raw beef and the such in China, but to eat blood soup? This is why the Roman Empire failed…I’m pretty sure all the blood went to their heads. Either that, or they’re secret vampires.

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    1. It certainly is disgusting! I’d have to go with you on them being secret vampires. With all the craziness going on in the world, I wouldn’t put it pass them.

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