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Phobia Challenge: L

It’s Friday and you know what time it is. New phobia list! ^^

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GIF via KidsHealth

Lachanopobia – Fear of vegetables

Laliophobia/Lalophobiaย – Fear of speaking

Leukophobia – Fear of white

Levophobia – Fear of objects to the left side of the body

Ligyrophobia/Phonophobia/Sonophobia – Fear of loud noises

Lilapsophobia – Fear of tornados and hurricanes

Limnophobia – Fear of lakes

Liticaphobia – Fear of lawsuits

Lockiophobia/Maieusiophobia/Parturiphobia/Tocophobia/Tokophobiaย – Fear of bearing a deformed child or fear of deformed people

Logizomechanophobia – Fear of computers

Logophobia – Fear of words

Lutraphobia – Fear of otters

Lygophobia – Fear of darkness

Lyssophobia – Fear of rabies or of becoming mad

16 thoughts on “Phobia Challenge: L”

  1. Levophobia, fear of objects on the left side of the body is interesting. The protagonist of my current novel suffers from lyssophobia, unless of course the fear of going insane is specifically linked to rabies.

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    1. I read that lyssophobia has two meanings as it’s a combination of hydrophobophobia (fear of rabies) and maniophobia (fear of going insane). When put together, it becomes fearful of going insane and/or a fear of having rabies, so you’re good to go. ^^

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      1. Oh good. I read one version where it defined it as the fear of rabies, or the fear of going insane from having rabies, which would not be applicable. So, having the two definitions be unrelated works much better for my purposes. ๐Ÿ™‚

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