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50 Foods #6: Dates

Origin: The Middle East and North Africa
Date: c. 7000 BP
Type: Fruit of the date palm


Known as the food of the desert.

They can be good for our health provided that they’re a great energy booster, can reduce the risk of stroke and provide energy for anemic sufferers amongst many other health benefits.

Dates are a versatile fruit that is used for cooking and baking. Egypt and Iran are two of the top date producing countries in the world.

Would I eat it?: I love dates! I look forward to eating lots of dates this year when it comes into season.

19 thoughts on “50 Foods #6: Dates”

    1. That was my exact reaction when Mom first introduced dates to me. I was very young then. A few years ago, I actually ate it for the first time and it wasn’t that bad. Thanks, chica. ❤

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