Reblog: No matter the gift, appreciate it.

I don’t celebrate Christmas, but keep in mind that you should be grateful for whatever gift you may receive this month.

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I donโ€™t celebrate Christmas.

When I was younger, I used to celebrate it with my family and friends although Iโ€™ve never liked it. Iโ€™ve never liked the excessive spending, the blinking lights, the festivities, so when I grew up, I simply stopped celebrating it. It just never felt right with me.ย 

Lately, many parents say that they donโ€™t celebrate Christmas, but they do it for the sake of their children. They enjoy buying presents to see their little happy faces.

Here is where I want to talk about gift giving. There are some people who look forward to Christmas because they look forward to the gifts that they would be receiving instead of giving.

It is better to give than to receiveย (Acts 20:35).

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And not only on Christmas Day. We should be giving every day. And speaking of gifts, I recently came across an article in one of our dailiesโ€ฆ

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16 thoughts on “Reblog: No matter the gift, appreciate it.”

    1. Exactly. The receiver should be grateful that they were on someone’s mind in the first place to receive a gift. That’s how I feel too when it comes to giving & receiving gifts.

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    1. Exactly. No matter the gift, we should be appreciative. Unfortunately, we live in a world where material things are boss and the young generation is spoiled.

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    1. Christmas has become too commercialized now, but you do it your way and the parts that you’re not so sure about? Don’t stress about it.

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      1. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ my comment was focusing on a gift I told someone I didn’t want, but they got it for me anyway, and I can’t really use it. I”m thinking of donating so someone else could.

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