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December 13th: Necessity is the mother of invention


Imagine, in great detail, an invention that could help reverse pollution — describe for us how your invention works and how it will help save the planet.

Oh, wow! I love writing about inventions, but at the moment, I can’t think of anything. Maybe I’ll find ways to encourage people to invent things to help combat pollution. 

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11 thoughts on “December 13th: Necessity is the mother of invention”

  1. I wish I could make some things mandatory. You would have a limited amount of meat you could consume each week, plastic containers would be forbidden and everyone would have to reduce their waste and compost. I feel like a dictator because this would definitely mess with people’s freedom of choice, but the environment and earth are just so important.

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  2. It’s an interesting exercise because it couldn’t be something that simply cleaned pollution. It somehow would have to generate money; otherwise, you couldn’t get any investors to fund the project. Which, when you think about it, is a sad thing.
    However, this prompt reminds me of Boyan Slat, who at 19 came up with an invention that he said would clean the ocean of plastic within five years. I believe the system is supposed to launch next year.

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    1. That sounds like a great invention! I’ll be on the lookout for when it launches next year God’s willing. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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