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Book #82: The Take

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Freddie Jackson thinks he owns the underworld when he gets out of prison. He’s done his time, made the right connections, and now he’s ready to use them. His wife Jackie just wants her husband home, but she’s forgotten the rows, the violence, and the girls Freddie can’t leave alone.

Bitter, resentful, and increasingly unstable, Jackie watches her life crumble while her little sister Maggie’s star rises. In love with Freddie’s cousin Jimmy, Maggie is determined not to end up like her sister.

Families should stick together, but behind closed doors, jealousy and betrayal can fester until everyone’s life is infected. And for the Jacksons, loyalty cannot win out. Because in their world you can trust no one. In their world everyone is on the take.

Author: Martina Cole
Publisher: Headline Book Publishing (2005)
Pages: 661

I’m done. I am over Cole. This author has brought nothing to the table, but the same repetitive story with different characters and she overwrites. She’s becoming like those lame Hollywood remakes.

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Cole tends to center her writing around family and not just any family. Crazy families with bad people. Bad people who have the best relatives because they tend to lie and turn a blind eye to their shortcomings as Jackie did for Freddie. 

Jealousy ALWAYS plays a strong theme in her stories. Jackie fell hard for Freddie and her love was her undoing to her own mess which she helped created along the way. Freddie on the other hand; did not love only Jackie, his wife, and mother of his children, but he had many ladies who were only willing to sleep with him. Maggie, Jackie’s younger sister grew up looking at the way her older sister whom she once revered and decided that she will not be like Jackie.

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Jimmy, Freddie’s little cousin, and Maggie eventually gets married and is set financial-wise, but it leaves Freddie and Jackie jealous of the young couple’s lifestyle. Again, jealousy plays a HUGE part in the story. I know Cole’s stories center around reality, but sometimes it’s kind of hard to believe people behave like they do in the book. I was mad at Jackie for not being a proper mother to her girls. Mad at Freddie for being a proper right idiot. Oh yeah, I also think she could lay off some of the swear words. I get that she’s going for authenticity, but sometimes the swear words are a little uncomfortable to bypass. You don’t have to swear here, there and everywhere. We get it. There’s nothing shock value about swearing anymore.

I think it’s time for Cole to move onto something else. This comfort zone is a little too comfy now. Get out of it and create something new.

And now, it’s time for the bad parts:

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* Sexism is sexism and there was sexism in this sexism book and any type of sexism is bad. It’s also bad enough that the author is a woman.

* This book was irritating. The writing didn’t make up for it; it was poor.

* None of the characters are likable, except for Maggie. Every female character revolved around her boyfriend/husband and had no lives of their own. Are we still living in the 60s or something?

* I know I said this at the beginning, but Cole is a repetitive author and it was a turn off when she kept reminding me what happened, say, only two-three pages ago. Thank you for making me feel like an idiot.

* Her characters showed no growth when I came to the end. They were basically the same throughout. 

* I question humanity: how is this book a bestseller? 

I have The Family to read and get over, but for now, I’ll bypass it for another book.


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Are You Afraid of the Dark? by Sidney Sheldon


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