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Phobia Challenge: F

I didn’t find many phobias underneath the letter F.

The letter ‘F’ didn’t yield many results, but I still managed to get a few. Also, I’ve noticed that some phobias are repetitive as you’ll see in the coming weeks.

Image result for gif phobia

GIF via KidsHealth

Febriphobia/Fibriophobia – Fear of fever

Felinophobia – Fear of cats

Francophobia – Fear of France/French culture

Frigophobia: Fear of cold, cold things.


7 thoughts on “Phobia Challenge: F”

  1. Haha Fear of France. I’m going to guess you don’t have that. I might, however, suffer from frigophobia. Although, I think it’s just cold weather that I dislike and probably doesn’t count as a true phobia.

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