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Outline? What outline?

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For the past five years or so, I’ve been jumping headfirst into NaNoWriMo without warning. I don’t know what I’m going to write until the last minute and when I finally decide on what story I’m going to write, I simply dive in. I know that it’s dangerous to work without an outline, but that’s the thrill of it! 

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Although by the time I start putting words on paper, the story starts dictating itself so I’m rarely ever surprised when I complete a story. I like taking clichés and ideas and turning them into something completely new and exciting, and I am hoping to achieve the same result with Dangerous Obsession.

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Writing by process of discovery is my forte because novel outlining does not work for me. The characters always seem to take over and then I am forced to abandon the outline, therefore, I don’t ever feel guilty about not outlining. When I used to outline my work, I felt as if I was the translator sitting down to tell the story I already know and it was not fun. I found out that I love discovering my characters as I go along rather than thoroughly sketching them. Case in point: when I started writing, it started with the character I call Ray da Díxon and because I did not thoroughly sketch him, I went back to revisit this character and created an identical twin for him. And because I did not thoroughly sketch them, I still discover new things about them every time I write stories around them.

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I write wherever I am in the story, whether it’s the beginning, the middle, or even the end. Sometimes I know what comes next, sometimes I don’t, but that’s the beauty of not outlining, at least for me, because the less I know, the more I discover as I write. 

Remember, whether we outline or not, writing is a process. 

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DISCLAIMER: I am not here to preach about how to write to other writers. What works for me may not work for others. Writers should find their own process of creating a story and if it’s ridiculous? Eh, who cares? The most important thing is that it works for you.

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365 Days of Writing

November 13th: Non-regional diction


Write about whatever you’d like, but write using regional slang, your dialect, or in your accent.

Yuh know something? I doh really like using my regional dialect, but I’ll provide some local slangs:

Owah –  or what

Waz di scene? – What is the scene?

Wam – what happen?

Chips – French fries

Quenk – an irritating person

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Challenges/Tags/Fun Stuff

30 Day Writing Challenge: Days 11-13

Day 11: Something unusual

How the news is suddenly polluted with child molesters and Hollywood slimeballs. We knew all of this a long time ago where it concerns some of the top dropped names, but no one did anything about it and A-listers continued to work with them, but now, every celebrity is coming forward to add their two cents. Everything is perfectly timed in Hellwood and I think that it’s a distraction for the sheep.

Day 12: Someone you miss

My grandfather who passed away two years ago. 😦

Day 13: Someone you've always wanted to meet

Jesus Christ! He’s coming again and I can’t wait to see Him! ❤