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Share Your World – November 06th, 2017


Cee’s Share Your World Challenge continues this week and I’m excited to start, so let’s go!

Would you rather take a 2-week vacation with an organized tour or take a cruise of your choice?

A cruise of my choice. A European cruise for that matter. I don’t like scheduled trips because there is always that thing about time limits.

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Did you like swinging as a child? Do you still get excited when you see a swing?

I loved swinging as a child and I still pretty much get excited whenever I see a swing, but sadly, most of them are built for children. 

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What is the most important thing that you ever learned? (I bet it’s not something you learned in school)


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What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

My friend, Ruth Anna. ❤ 


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The NaNo report: Abandon ship?

NaNoWriMo 2017 Participant Flair

*Groans* I apologize for sounding like a petulant child, but I am so tired at the moment. I did not get to put in any writing over the weekend to reach my 10,000 words goal. Yesterday, I think I lost a little bit of inspiration due to the fact that time is not on my side as of late and almost thought of abandoning ship.

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I went home, slept, woke up sometime around eleven pm and wrote a couple of pages before my hand gave up on me. It still didn’t get me to 10,000 words, but I’m still on the ship until it sails off into the sunset.

Although it’s the 8th day, it’s never too late to start writing your story. It’s still pretty early, so make some time and start writing today. 

Total Word Count: 6034

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