4 thoughts on “The Lord is my light and salvation”

  1. The Light seems to be a reoccurring theme in the verses ‘ve been reading lately. When I was small, my Mom would take us to other churches(she sang in a gospel group) retirement homes, and hospitals. She would let us sing too. My favourite, and the one I got to sing all by myself, while playing my tambourine, was “This Little Light of Mine” When I drifted away from God, and my life was low, I was laying in bed and that song started repeating in my head. I could see inside myself, and my light was all but gone. All I saw was this blinding darkness, and a little, what looked like a match lit in the distance. It was so small I could barely see it. I got out of bed and onto my knees, and prayed for God to come back into my life. God bless you Sister :):)

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    1. He is speaking to you through those verses. I love that song! Margaret, thank you for sharing this testimony. I am happy that He has come back into your life. God bless you too, my sister. ❀

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