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Let’s talk… How do you spend time with God?

Spending time with our Maker is vital.

After he had dismissed them, he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray.Β Later that night, he was there alone,

Matthew 14:23

As believers of the Word, we have to make it a habit to spend time with God regardless of the boisterous activity that goes on in some of our lives. Even if it’s just 30 minutes or 10 minutes, get into the habit of making time to meet with Him. If you have an important meeting to attend or to hang out with friends at the mall, of course, you’ll show up, right? And on time, too.

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I spend the mornings with God. I wake up super early now, so I reach to work an hour before I open and I pray, thank Him for life and play spiritual songs. Before I leave home for work, I read the Bible and look for the verse of the day to memorize. I look forward to the evenings when the sun sets, so I can come to Him in prayer and reflect on the day that I’ve had. Sometimes, I sit in silence so I can hear Him.Β 

Over to you now.

How do you spend time with God?Β 

21 thoughts on “Let’s talk… How do you spend time with God?”

  1. AMEN! as soon as he breaths his living spirit in me to see another day, before I open my eyes I thank him for life!!!! I pray, I read my word on mornings before work of course, I actually pick out my scriptures before the week incepts! So I can know them forehead and they carry me through the day! I listen to my gospel on YouTube and then on my way home I pray again and after I shower and settled for the evening I pray again and before bedtime I pray again! And so it continues…I love spending time with him especially in these last days! Sorry I’ll hush now…OK byes! Lol 😩😴😴😴

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    1. No need to apologize when you’re talking about the Lord, girl! You could’ve gone on and on and I would’ve read the entire reply. πŸ™‚ I pray throughout the day as well, even while working at my desk. I love praying and talking to Him throughout the day! Thank you for sharing, sleepyhead. πŸ™‚

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  2. Being grounded in prayer and time with Him is needed for us to grow. I like talking to Him about random things throughout the day. But I also like setting aside time as well with requests that come up, and ones He puts on my heart. When I have nothing, I just let His Spirit wash over me.

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    1. Same! I love that I can talk to Him about anything throughout the day! Thank you for sharing, T.R. I always love hearing from you as I enjoy reading about your experiences of walking with the Lord. ❀

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  3. When am I not spending time with God, would be the shorter list hahaha When I let something get me angry or frustrated, those sort of times but the rest of the time I am like a little puppy following Him around all day, asking Him all the ridiculous questions that come up, thanking Him for all the wonderful things, large and small that He does all day. I’m blessed He doesn’t get tired of me :):)

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    1. Haha! We all should be blessed that He never gets tired of us! It’s so wonderful to love the Lord! It makes you feel happy and at peace with everything and everyone.

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