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Book #59: Anything for a Story

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Stormi Nelson, best-selling romance author, moved into her huge Victorian house in the private community of Oak Meadows Estates. When her agent tells her that her characters are becoming too cardboard and that she needs to get out and mingle with people, she comes up with the idea of a Neighborhood Watch Program. The only problem is … she’s the only member.

On her first night of patrol, she stumbles over a dead body, meets a hunky detective, who happens to be her neighbor and clearly frustrated with her, and her mother, sister, niece and nephew arrive to shake up Stormi’s peaceful life. As she is immersed ever deeper into the mystery surrounding a neighbor’s murder, she decides to change writing tactics and write a romantic mystery based on her experiences. What follows is a frolicking good time as Stormi finds herself the nosiest neighbor of them all. Can she find the killer before she becomes the next victim?

Author: Cynthia Hickey
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (May 25, 2014)
Chapters: 24
Pages: 200
Series: A Nosy Neighbor Mystery (#1)


We have Stormi Nelson, a popular romance writer who decides to become a mystery writer after tripping over a dead body, but here’s the thing, Stormi doesn’t know it was a dead body claiming it was dark, yet, she had a flashlight with her. She thinks solving the crime would help her accomplish being a mystery writer.

I did not like the author’s style of writing and I did not feel any connection with any of the characters. Mama Nelson was annoying and Stormie should have spent time putting her foot down for her uninvited mother and sister instead of tearing up like a little girl over everything.

Matt and Stormi had no chemistry. Matt spent the majority of the story kissing and halfheartedly threatening Stormie to stay away from the so-call on-going investigation. Some detective he claimed to be! As for Miss Wanna Be Detective, she spent the majority of the story telling us how hot Matt looks without a shirt and making assumptions instead of following through like a thorough detective. Like when the fool saw the blood and thought the Edgars killed Rusty. Even I knew they didn’t kill the poor thing.

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Every character in this book was annoying and not to mention superficial. No one even cared about the deceased victims.

Stormi is not only a nosy neighbor but a dimwitted nosy fool who jumps to conclusions quicker than you can say ‘dead body’. Also, she was juvenile-like and it irritated me a lot. Good mystery; obnoxious characters. Another thing that irked me was the fact that Cherokee became Cheyenne towards the near end and no one picked up on the sudden name change.

I think I’ll skip on the other volumes in this series.



“I’m perfectly serious. Another body would most likely give us clues. Don’t you watch Castle or Criminal Minds? They always shake things up with another murder.” (Chapter 6; Page 44)

I do like both shows, but I rate Criminal Minds above Castle. 

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Born Evil by Adrian Havill. Diving into some true crime!


Math Storytelling Day!

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Math Storytelling Day is observed annually on September 25th. It was created by Maria Droujkova of in 2009 on her birthday after she read a blog post by Seth Godin entitled “What should I do on your birthday?” 

On this day, Math lovers share their love of Maths through storytelling, but today, I’ll be sharing a few facts instead of telling stories. 

* Pythagoras established the Pythagorean School, whose doctrine it was that mathematics ruled the universe and whose motto was “All is number”.

* Mathematics is not discovered; it is invented.

* It wasn’t until the 16th century that most mathematical symbols were invented. Before this time math equations were written in words.

* It is believed that Ancient Egyptians used complex mathematics such as algebra, arithmetic, and geometry as far back as 3000 BC.

* French Mathematician and inventor, Blaise Pascal contributed Pascal’s triangle and probability theory. He also invented an early digital calculator.

* What comes after a million, billion, and trillion? A quadrillion, quintillion, sextillion, septillion, octillion, and nonillion. 

* An icosagon is a shape with 20 sides.

* Trigonometry is the study of the relationship between the angles of triangles and their sides. 

* Here’s a fun fact:

The name of the search engine ‘Google’ came from a misspelling of the word ‘googol’, which is a very large number (the number one followed by one hundred zeros to be exact).

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* A ‘googolplex’ is the number 1 followed by a googol zeros, this number is so big that it can’t be written because there isn’t enough room in the universe to fit it in. It would take a length of time far greater than the age of the universe just to write the numbers.

* The number Pi (the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle) can’t be expressed as a fraction, this means it is an irrational number. When written as a decimal it never repeats and never ends. Here is Pi written to 50 decimal places: 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939935710 (I can only hope that I wrote this right!)

A fun problem!

Cutting a cake into 8 pieces with JUST 3 slices is very possible. How do you go about doing that?

Have fun solving that one! It’s really easy. 🙂

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Positive Monday

Positive Monday: Hello

Salut. Ciao. Hallo. Geia. Hai. Konnichiwa. Hola. Namaste. Shalom. Hej!

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Hello. A word that goes a long way that so much can be said in one little word.

If you haven’t talked to someone in a long time, call that person up today and say hello. Say hello to someone who wouldn’t expect you to greet them today. Yes, go ahead, say hello to that person who has been talking about you when you’re not within earshot.

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And while at it, don’t forget to say hello to this new day!

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May today be a blessing for you and don’t forget to smile! 🙂

Hello. How are you? Comment down below.


365 Days of Writing

Daily Prompt catch-up: September 23rd-25th


September 23rd: Non sequitur

Write a post about anything you’d like, but be sure to include this sentence somewhere in the final paragraph: “He tried to hit me with a forklift!”

At the moment, I am not inspired to write any stories, but I have this on my mind:

The superhero shook his head in disdain, “I know it’s something that we’re probably going to look back on later and laugh, but I still can’t believe he tried to hit me with a forklift!”

Ah, I got nothing… but they did say I could write about anything I want, so… heyyy Superman. 🙂

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September 24th: Standstill

For a moment today, time stands still — but you can tweak one thing while it’s stopped. What do you do?

Get more sleep of course!

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September 25th: Celebrate good times

You receive some wonderful, improbable, hoped-for good news. How do you celebrate?

As I always do: by thanking God. Without Him, nothing is possible.

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