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SHARING: Prayer & Fasting – Supernatural Power To Conquer

Today, I share an insightful post from Tamara.

Tamara Lee of The Way Online is an absolute favorite blogger of mine. She loves and respects our Father. She values her alone time with Him and she loves encouraging others in the Christian faith. She is a strong spiritual woman and I love that aspect about her.

Her blog is spiritual nourishment.

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Image via wholelifeworship

Today, I share a post from her blog about prayer and fasting and what the act can do for you. She also shared a powerful testimony. Click on the link and enjoy:

Prayer and Fasting – Supernatural Power to Conquer

8 thoughts on “SHARING: Prayer & Fasting – Supernatural Power To Conquer”

  1. Oh yes indeed. I have fasted and prayed and it gave me a connection i had never felt before in my life! I cry when I talk about it. I encourage all followers in Christ to do it. Your Prayers WILL be heard!
    Amen. And GOD Bless.

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