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Book #53: Unbeweavable

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Mariah Stevens, at first read, comes across as annoying, obnoxious, too bossy and all mighty because she works at a publishing company and wears a nice expensive weave. But as you continue to read, I came to understand why Mariah has come to act as she did at the beginning of the story. I also discovered family secrets and the person Mariah has been blaming all those years for those secrets is not solely responsible.

Katrina Spencer is the author of one of my beloved favorites,Β Six O’Clock. The characters are easy to love/dislike and the story is easy to read. The story is about coming of age and learning to forgive. It is also about gaining confidence and self-esteem without the weave.

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Spencer is a former hairdresser and she was also very easy to talk to. I emailed her a couple of times and when I used to have a Facebook account, she was my friend there. She encouraged me to never stop writing, but sadly, she made the decision to stop writing due to her declining health. She would’ve been a best-selling author one day because she was talented.





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I’ll Walk Alone by Mary Higgins Clark

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