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Quotes: Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is my success guru; you know this was coming. πŸ˜›Β 

Jack Reacher

I haven’t done this quotes thing in a while! Well, I guess everyone knows who and what and why is Tom Cruise, so I’ll just get into it.

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This is very true, but that’s why I have Jesus! He keeps me afloat. ❀

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This is me to a ‘T’ and people have told me this. Whenever I conquer something, I can get bored easily if I do not move on to something new & challenging.

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Sometimes, you just need to shut up and just listen. I live by this characteristic as well.

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*shrugging* It’s the truth and I’ve been a witness to this right in the workplace!

I am ALWAYS passionate about life and learning in general. Always!

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And we’ve come to the end! πŸ™‚

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5 thoughts on “Quotes: Tom Cruise”

  1. I love these quotes. My friends really do not like Tom Cruise, always moaning how he is such an “idiot”, but I disagree with them. In all honesty, I think he is one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. I know he is kind and friendly, unlike such actors as Johnny Depp who always appears super arrogant. Besides, Cruise wanted to be a priest in the first place. I love that quote about the importance of listening. Most people ignore this trait, but it really is one of the essential there is, especially in such a hectic and extroverted world we live in.

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    1. I’m glad you like them. Absolutely! Listening is very essential, but unfortnately, not many people have that trait nowadays. Everyone wants to express their opinions, but they fail to listen to what others may have to say. Not many of my friends like TC as well, but I jokingly tell them the reason that they don’t like him is because they don’t appreciate greatness. Heh!

      Thank you for stopping by. πŸ™‚

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