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Finally settled on a blog header…

As I’ve mentioned in a past few posts, I’ve been trying to come up with a header for the blog. I am a jumbled mess when it comes to color schemes (I can’t seem to choose theme colors for they’re all so pretty), but I wanted to work with pink, gold/yellow, and flowers. I ended up with this…

Haha! I think I am color blind most of the time (I kind of like faded pink). It is my current header (if you’ll go to the home page) and I am looking at it and having second thoughts concerning the font and colors. I value your opinion, so let me know what you think in the comments below.

365 Days of Writing

Daily Prompt catch-up: August 26th-27th


August 26th: Funny ha-ha

Do you consider yourself funny? What role does humor play in your life? Who’s the funniest person you know? 

Although I am dryly sarcastically funny, I can be quite funny when the mood calls for it. I love humor when it’s done right. The funniest person I know? This guy…

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August 27th: I’d like to thank my cats

You are receiving an award –- either one that already exists, or a new one created just for you. What would the award be, why are you being honored, and what would you say in your acceptance speech?

I don’t know what the award would be given that I am not big on awards, but here is my speech… 😛

First, I’ll like to thank the Man above; if not for Him I wouldn’t be standing here today receiving this exciting award. With Him all things are possible. This award that I’m holding is a realization of a dream that started when I was thirteen years old! I’ll like to thank my family and friends for motivating and inspiring me. Whenever I needed a push, they were always there for me. And last but not least, I thank you the wonderful public for supporting my work. You’ve given me the chance to bring my passion to fruition and I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. This award belongs to all of us. Thank you.

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Devotion 💙, Espresso Shots ☕

Nourishing my spiritual life

Attending church is not going to get us into the Kingdom of Heaven. We have to do more.

“How can I hear God’s voice?”

In this technology age, maintaining a spiritual life can be hard, but it can be accomplished once you have the right mindset. Some people wrongly think that attending church on the weekend – whether it’s Saturday or Sunday school – is all that they need to live a full spiritual life, but they’re wrong. We have to do much more.

I’ve been examining my spiritual life lately and I see some areas that need nourishment. 

Praying throughout the day

I am calm whenever I talk to Him. I feel at ease whenever I pray and it helps me stay connected to Him. I used to pray when I wake up on mornings and when I go to sleep at night, but now, I pray throughout the day. Even if I’m working and I feel the need to pray, I stop whatever I’m doing and I pray.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-17: Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing.

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Sitting quietly in a room

I like sitting alone in a quiet room and reflecting. I also meditate and think of all the things that I am grateful for even if it was a bad day. I also use this quiet time to pray for everyone. It is in this stillness that I can hear God whisper.


I love the apps that I have on my phone! Every morning, I turn to my Daily Prayer app for the prayer of the day. I have Bible quiz apps, a Bible Study and of course, the Bible. Indulging in these apps have helped me grow spiritually. ❤

Practicing gratitude

When the sun sets on the day, I reflect and thank God for life, for whatever blessings I’ve received during the day. I used to own a gratitude journal, but I have misplaced it. I might have to get another one.

Reading material online

When I get to my work desk – after saying a little prayer of thanks and listening to Michael W. Smith on repeat for almost an hour right before I open for business – I log into WordPress and seek spiritual refreshments from blogs such as soulfood101blog aka The Word, The Way OnlineA Sinner’s DiaryBeholding Him MinistriesInside Cup and Be Blesstified. These blogs play an important role in shaping my daily spiritual life. Keep up His wonderful work, guys! ❤

Matthew 5:6: Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.

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Keeping the Sabbath

I have been struggling to keep the Sabbath holy, but I am getting better at it. On the days that I don’t attend church, I study His Word, complete Bible quizzes, and Bible study with my sister/father.

Exodus 20:8 – Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.

Scripture meditation

This is utmost important for me! The Bible has verses for when I am afraid, when I backslide and when I need comfort. I highlight the verses that speak to me and I meditate on them throughout the day.

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What about you? Is your spiritual life fully nourished or are you working on it? Is there anything that you’ll like to add to the list?

Books & Reviews 📚

Book #48: Sweet Revenge

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Although this book was on sale, I regret buying it.

Espresso catering junkie, Goldy Schulz is the protagonist and boy, did that bickering meddling pushy self-centered boring woman drove me up a wall! I couldn’t stand this lead character and wanted bad things to happen to her. I figured the author – who is supposed to be a best-seller – got bored of writing this story, salad tossed things here and there and rushed it to her editor.

Goldy is a caterer who sometimes helps with the crime solving, but she acts needy, immature and instead of being a mother, she acts like she’s her son’s sister. Sometimes I wondered who had the badge: she who caters, or her equally boring husband who refers to her as ‘Miss G.’ They have no chemistry, that Goldy and Tom.

Something was missing from this book. It was a drag, a bore and although the author tried to make Grace or Sandee look suspicious during the story, I knew all along that it was Patricia behind the scenes. As for Goldy, I was satisfied when Sandee cut her hair off – she should have scalped her. I was also pleased when she rolled down the hill and when Patricia shoved her into the snow.

This is where the Goldy train stops. I know that this was supposed to be a culinary thriller, but it ended up being a culinary disaster. I couldn’t stand the characters and couldn’t wait to finish this bore. I eventually read reviews to see what others were saying and I was happy that I was not alone in calling this a stiff bore.

I hope the missing ingredient is found along the way for this just was not tasty.





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Drawn In Blood by Andrea Kane

365 Days of Writing, Blog Related

August 25th: Secret of success


What would it take for you to consider yourself a “successful blogger”? Is that something you strive for?

Honestly, I am tired of answering almost the same identical blogging questions.

Anyways, I consider myself a successful blogger in terms of uploading content on a daily basis. I love blogging. I don’t see the need to compete with other bloggers for most likes, comments or followers as I am thankful for the readers who stop by. ❤