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Book #48: Sweet Revenge

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Although this book was on sale, I regret buying it.

Espresso catering junkie, Goldy Schulz is the protagonist and boy, did that bickering meddling pushy self-centered boring woman drove me up a wall! I couldn’t stand this lead character and wanted bad things to happen to her. I figured the author – who is supposed to be a best-seller – got bored of writing this story, salad tossed things here and there and rushed it to her editor.

Goldy is a caterer who sometimes helps with the crime solving, but she acts needy, immature and instead of being a mother, she acts like she’s her son’s sister. Sometimes I wondered who had the badge: she who caters, or her equally boring husband who refers to her as ‘Miss G.’ They have no chemistry, that Goldy and Tom.

Something was missing from this book. It was a drag, a bore and although the author tried to make Grace or Sandee look suspicious during the story, I knew all along that it was Patricia behind the scenes. As for Goldy, I was satisfied when Sandee cut her hair off – she should have scalped her. I was also pleased when she rolled down the hill and when Patricia shoved her into the snow.

This is where the Goldy train stops. I know that this was supposed to be a culinary thriller, but it ended up being a culinary disaster. I couldn’t stand the characters and couldn’t wait to finish this bore. I eventually read reviews to see what others were saying and I was happy that I was not alone in calling this a stiff bore.

I hope the missing ingredient is found along the way for this just was not tasty.





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Drawn In Blood by Andrea Kane


2 thoughts on “Book #48: Sweet Revenge”

  1. ” I couldn’t stand this lead character and wanted bad things to happen to her”. Wow, the book must be absolutely awful. I would have given up on it as soon as I realized how bad it was. My times is limited and there are so many good books to read, I have no patience for bad literature. xx

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    1. I normally toss the book aside, but I wanted to see this one through; I don’t know why. I do agree with you, though, time is limited when it comes to many good books waiting to be read.

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