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Book #46: The Quilter’s Daughter

The second book of this three part series was the most intense yet.

Abby Miller keeps having recurring nightmares about a house on fire and a cat needing to get rescued. What she did not know was that this was a warning of things to come and those things ended up being a double tragedy.

Abby runs a quilt shop and is engaged to Lester Mast, a thoughtful, kind and compassionate man, who didnโ€™t mind his fianceรฉ going away to Lancaster County to care for her pregnant mother, Fannie (who is now married to Abraham Fisher). While there, however, Abby receives some very sad news: her quilt shop has burned to the ground with Lester in it. Lester had run into the shop to try and save some quilts and didnโ€™t make it back out the second trip inside.

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Dealing with a double tragedy caused Abby to question God and she eventually stopped reading the Bible and praying. It took some time in Montana to get herself in order. When she returns home, she is ready to face the world again and Matthew, who was harboring a huge crush on her like forever, finally gets around to confessing his feelings for her.

Meantime, Jim is still trying to come to terms with stealing baby Zach (named Jimmy after he was kidnapped) and is becoming more and more isolated from wife, Linda, who has learned to trust God again. Jim has some personal problems to deal with of his own, but he does not trust God as he believed that everything that he owned is his. I can’t wait to conclude this series!





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The Bishop’s Daughter byย Wanda E. Brunstetter (This review might as well be up tomorrow God’s willing.)


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