MI6 pushed back by ‘months’ after Tom Cruise hurt himself during a stunt

Meh! I told him to take a vacation and now, he’s getting one.

McQuarrie. Cruise. Cavill. MI6:

During the promotional tour for The Mummy, Tom said that he loves what he does, has never been late to a set (right!) and never got injured (or did he say hardly? Rarely?). I remember telling my sister that he just jinxed himself because he is/was filming MI6 and a stunt could go wrong and he could injure himself. Welllll… on Sunday, Tom hurt himself during a roof-jumping stunt by slamming into a brick wall in London. 


Tom reportedly broke his ankle in two places and he will be out of action for a period of two months tops. This also means that filming is postponed until further notice. I bet he’s going to love telling the story of his injury when he starts promoting the film.

Image result for gif tom cruise talking

For the bitter people laughing at Tom’s pain, it is just sick and twisted wishing sickness and death upon a human being. Find something to do to occupy that hatred because Cruise is going to be okay and he’s going to be back.

Recover well, Tom. And I hate to say it, Tom, given that you don’t like to take vacations because every location you go to film is like a mini trip, but you’re going on vacation! 😛

Image result for tom cruise edge of tomorrow gif


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