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Thursday Ten: favorite YouTube channels

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I have a few YouTube channels that I frequent whenever I get the time. It’s around 15, but I’m going to just randomly put down whatever comes to mind first. Let’s do this!

1. Matthew Santoro

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This lovable shiny bald head goof probably has the brightest smile you’ll ever see on YouTube. He is my utmost favorite YouTuber. Santoro mainly posts “50 Amazing Facts” and top 10 lists videos. I dubbed him the Dr. Reid of YouTube and I love learning from every area he covers on his channel even if it’s haunted history. 

2. Lucas and Marcus

They make me wish I had a twin.

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My twins! Well, I’ve featured them quite a bit this week, so I won’t go into many details. They post videos about pranks, gymnastics, and challenges, and sometimes the entire family makes an appearance.

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One day, these two lovable idiots would go far with a prank and their mom would kick them out of the house. They’re lucky they have cool parents.

3. Dobre Brothers

“We’re the Dobre brothers and we do backflips.”

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This channel is relatively new, and they have 12 videos so far. It consists of twins Marcus and Lucas and their older brothers, Darius and Cyrus. So far, they’ve posted some really cool harmless pranks like the sticky note on the twins’ car (video below).

4. Fédération Française de Football

This is the national French football team channel. They mostly post training sessions, highlights from games, and interviews with the players. 

5. Tottenham Hotspur

Another football channel that I like. I recently enjoyed captain Hugo Lloris’s saves against Juventus. 

6. Comme une Française

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Geraldine is my overall favorite French teacher on YT. She takes her time to explain what words and phrases mean making you pay attention. I highly recommend her channel for English speakers interested in learning this beautiful language. 

7. Lily Petals World

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I love interracial couples and this Blasian family is too cute. Lily is from Korea and James is from Kenya. The pair met and fell in love in Korea. I love their channel because it gives you an intimate insight into Korean culture. Love is a feeling, not a color.

8. Meet The Eagles

I recently came across this couple and I think they were cute, so I stayed a little bit. I am relatively new to them so I’ll watch more of their videos in my spare time. Ovoke and Giuseppe are an interracial pair (Nigerian/Dutch/Italian) and they live in the Netherlands. Love is a feeling, not a color.

9. Learn French With Frencheezee

This channel was actually recommended by YouTube and I am happy that they did because this channel is incredibly helpful when it comes to learning French.

10. Saddleback Church

I came across this channel also recently by accident and decided to stay. 

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365 Days of Writing

August 10th: Moved to tears


Describe the last time you were moved to tears by something beautiful.

Oh, great, I get to keep up with my YouTube Week theme. Yay! 

I am a sensitive crybaby. There, the truth is out. The simplest things may move me even if it’s a sunset splendidly setting in all its glory. I get moved by the stories I read and the movies I watch. I returned to YouTube recently and caught up with some of my favorite channels. I know you might be sick by now of seeing the Dobre twins, but hey, it’s YouTube Week and I am answering the prompt. 🙂

So, to reply to today’s question, the last time I was moved to tears was when Lucas brought his twin his dream car. I mean, I know the car is materialistic, but the feeling of fulfilling your dreams, the appreciation and unconditional love from family, is beautiful. And this is why some of us work, so we can reap the rewards and benefits and share it with our loved ones. ❤ Lucas could’ve bought himself a car because I am certain he has a dream car in mind, but he selflessly brought his twin’s dream car. If this is not a beautiful gesture, then I don’t know what is.

Writing 101

Glaring (GIFs)


“Say that again girl and I’mma let you have it!” glare.

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“Oh no, don’t you do it because you won’t like it if I come over there for you.” glare.

Image result for Glaring gif

“Why can’t things ever go my way?” glare.

Image result for Glaring gif

I’m going to beat you down if I ever catch you looking at Alejandro again.” glare.

Image result for Glaring gif

“Mama said to knock you out.” glare.

Image result for Glaring gif

“I’m warning you,” glare.

Image result for Glaring gif

“Beat this!” glare.

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Haha! I fail as a writer when it comes to describing glaring expressions.

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