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Twinning is winning!

Over on YouTube, you’re either in a gang or in an army. Then there’s twinning. If you have a twin, then think about how many people you can make happy on YouTube.

People are fascinated by twins (whether identical or fraternal) and now that many of them have YouTube accounts and have amassed millions of followers, I can safely say that twinning is winning. We love to see how they interact with each other because they have that twin telepathy that we normal people don’t have… or do they? Whatever, I love twins. I think they’re awesome!

Although many twins are taking over YT, three pairs stand out for me because on almost every reaction/compilation video I watch regarding Musical.ly or Vines, people are always commenting about…

The Dolan Twins

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Grayson and Ethan Dolan has amassed over four million subscribers on YT. The twins are from New Jersey and they mostly perform stunts and challenges on their channel. I can’t say much about them because I don’t know them well.

Here’s their most popular video which has over 11 million views. Grayson, I’m sorry about your wisdom teeth, but I laughed my face off.

Fun Fact: this was actually the first video I sat through of the Dolan Twins given that I don’t follow them and I enjoyed it.

The Martinez Twins

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Emilio and Ivan Martinez are from Barcelona, Spain (I think. I am not quite sure). Their fan base is still growing, but they seem to be doing all right.

I have not watched any of their videos, but I’ll post their most popular video which has over six million views. In this video, Emilio pulls a prank on Ivan. And like the Dolan Twins, this is the first time I’ve watched a video from these Latin twins.

The Dobre Twins


These are my twins and they’re literally the cutest thing on YouTube! They started in the grocery store (dancing) and they were known as Twinbotz back then. Marcus and Lucas Dobre are the offsprings of former Romanian gymnast Aurelia Dobre and former Iranian gymnast Boz Mofid. 

They’re known for their backflips so we basically call them The Flipping Twins and they make me want to do backflips too. Hey, if you’re reading this and you can do backflips and front flips, you are AWESOME!

The Dobre twins have the sweetest merch ever! They’re very energetic and I like their smiles, too. Have you met their smiles?

Image result for marcus and lucas dobre cuteImage result for The Dobre Twins smile

Lucas over there with the bear. Marcus above there with the merch.

Their most popular video has over 11 million views, but my favorite video of theirs is the 100 Layers of Pancakes one, not because I love pancakes, but because of what they did at the end of the video by giving the remainders to the homeless instead of throwing them away. Stay lit, Marcus and Lucas. Stay lit.

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