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Void of inspiration at the moment

Man, I wish I had a twin! 

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Okay, that was random. But really, I wish I had a twin. We’ll do twin things…

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…and when I’m void of inspiration, my twin would pick up the slack…

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…and make me look good. 🙂

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Okay, maybe I am referring to a clone, but it does not chase away the fact that lately, I am not feeling inspired.

For the last two weeks or so, I’ve been feeling really uninspired where it concerns… almost everything. I don’t feel like blogging although I have so many incredible topics to share. My writing has taken a backseat because I am not excited about completing what I’ve started. Sometimes I don’t feel like going to work on mornings because all I want to do is stay in and sleep.

Maybe I need to step away from everything for a little while.

Maybe I am afraid to step away for a little while because I may not be inspired to come back to this blog.


For now, I’ve decided to update the blog randomly (nice word for saying whenever I feel like). Maybe I can reblog a few old posts or stick them to the top of the page like my friend Cheila did. I don’t want to quit the blog, but I’m just really uninspired at the moment so the posts may dry up for a bit.

Still, though, I wish I had a twin because twinning is winning! Ay, I think I have an idea for a future post! Have a blessed weekend everyone. ❤

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*** Marcus & Lucas Dobre GIFs and pic via Google Search. I have a soft spot for these twins and their bright smiles. 🙂

Books & Reviews 📚

Book #43: The Outsider

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For as long as she can remember, Gabrielle Hope has had the gift of knowing–visions that warn of things to come. When she and her mother joined the Pleasant Hill Shaker community in 1807, the community embraced her gift. But Gabrielle fears this gift, for the visions are often ones of sorrow and tragedy. When one of these visions comes to pass, a local doctor must be brought in to save the life of a young man, setting into motion a chain of events that will challenge Gabrielle’s loyalty to the Shakers. As she falls deeper into a forbidden love for this man of the world, Gabrielle must make a choice. Can she experience true happiness in this simple and chaste community? Or will she abandon her brothers and sisters for a life of the unknown?

Soulful and filled with romance, The Outsider lets readers live within a bygone time among a unique and peculiar people. This tender and thought-provoking story will leave readers wanting more from this writer.



If I write as fast as I read, then book reviews would be updated almost every day. This one is going to be short, though.

At first glance, I thought this was an Amish book because of the model on the cover but soon realized that it was a ‘Shaker’. Obviously, I was just excited to read base on the summary, but I soon found myself wondering about this ‘Shaker’ religion. I did some research and was amazed at how many things I learned.

If you like history, then you’re in luck because this Christian Fiction is set during the French and Indian war time period. I recommend this book. 




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Prospect Street by Emilie Richards. It already looks like a good book and I hope I’ll be proven right. 🙂

365 Days of Writing

August 04th: Back to the future


Anachronism (noun): an error in chronology; a person or thing that’s chronologically out of place. Write a story in which a person or thing is out of place, or recount a time when you felt out of place.

Once upon a time when I was about 10 or so… or maybe even younger, my teacher thought that it was lit to throw a party to celebrate us moving to another standard. Man, it was the most awkward thing because I don’t like being in parties, not even kiddie ones and I felt out of place. 

Maybe I should’ve written a story instead. 🙂

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