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Book #33: Wicked Business

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Wickedly boring and stupid!

Lizzy Tucker is so childish and pathetic and it’s so hard to like her. She’s so stupid, she does not know what an exaggeration is.

Diesel is equally annoying. He’s a red hot blooded male as one can tell by his nasty flirts, but he does not quite know what to do with all that testosterone. He goes through assistants faster than a woman can change clothes, yet he has rarely seen them. This is getting old. It is not mysterious. It is boring.

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In short, I cannot bear to read anymore. I don’t care if they never find the stone. I don’t care if they get blown to bits. Lizzy is so stupid and dumb down that she readily accepts whatever comes her way. And the big stupid school girl crush is unnerving. Wulf is stupid and pathetic. Glo is more stupid than both combined and not to mention desperate to fit in. Diesel is an ego tripping over-confident alpha. A dead turn off. And I had enough with the fart and lame sex jokes already!

How many times, Janet? How many times you’re going to write about Carl farting or giving the finger? It’s annoying. It’s downright stupid and I don’t know why this series was allowed to see the light of day. I’ll hold a burning vigil if I can.

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I also did not ask for a lecture about Boston. If I want to know about Boston, I’ll Google it. The characters are really hard to like simply because there’s no development from the first book. We did not learn anything new about anyone. It was terrible, a waste of my time and I wish I could take that time back. You can’t offer me a million dollars to read the rest of this series.

I’m over this fairy tale. Thank God I did not waste money buying books from this author. Well, maybe I wanted to try that Plum series, but I’m not sure now.





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6 books. 🙂