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Book #32: Wicked Appetite

The first time I came across a book from Janet Evanovich, I was like ‘Why haven’t I read a book from this author as yet?’ having seen her books almost everywhere at one time. This one landed in my lap sometime ago and I had the displeasure of reading this boring novel.

It was utterly awful. An author who has X amount of years of writing experience wrote this book as if she was an amateur.

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For me, Lizzy Tucker had no real personality. I was not feeling her and for the lead protagonist, she acted rather silly and childish most of the times. Diesel was cocky and narcissistic and kept flirting with Lizzy. They have this attraction towards each other, but they just can’t seem to muster the courage to go further although Diesel made it clear that he liked Lizzy. The fart jokes were annoying and how many times did that monkey flip the bird? I’ll tell you, TOO MANY DARN TIMES! I understand the gluttony concept (excuse me, I meant sin), but all that eating (LOTS) was not necessary. There was no need to write about eating in almost every chapter when someone bit into a muffin, cupcake, beef pie and did I mention muffin?

I did not laugh out loud. It was not funny. It was dumb down writing at its best. Sometimes, one has to know when to stop. This ridiculous piece of work wouldn’t have seen the daylight had it been mine.

This was my first introduction to this author, but I felt as if she ran out of ideas and came up with this nonsense.





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Wicked BusinessAfter reading this bland rip-off in the Wicked series, I might as well skip to the end and get the Business over with.