My love affair with Tom Cruise (and a challenge!)


I’ve been asked, “Why Tom Cruise?” whenever someone asks me who my favorite actor is. “And not Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio?”

Yes, why TC?

Tom Cruise loves to entertain us and I love to be entertained.

“I just love making movies. I love to entertain an audience.”

Tom Cruise

Over the years, I’ve let many actors (and actresses) into my life, but it was always Tom who left me coming back for more. For me, TC is acting personified and justified. He jumps out a window with grace, his hair is always suited for the part, he not only walks the part, he talks the part, he’s got the most handsome smile, he’s easy on the eyes, but I love his voice, his roles are always memorable, he gives 110%, no one runs like him, and he is the best-dressed person on the big screen. Whenever I leave the cinema, I feel as if I had gotten my money’s worth.

So tell me, what’s not to like?

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The Love Affair

It didn’t start with Ethan Hunt, Maverick or Lestat, although Interview with a Vampire is what cemented my love for TC.

It started with Rain Man.

I was around nine or so when I saw the movie. At that time, my primary school showcased movies once a month and we had to pay $5 to view it. At that age, I was not really into movies, but every Sunday, I’ll watch a Bollywood movie with Mum and that’s how I discovered Shah Rukh Khan (Goodness! I feel so old!) and thought he was the best thing ever. That soon changed when I met the man who was going to forever change the way I viewed movies.

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I had paid $5 to watch other films, but I left the classroom without a memory of what took place in the movie. I was not even moved by Lion King (and I only watched it once). I remember sitting through it wondering why I paid my money for it in the first place and wanting it to be over as soon as possible. So when my teacher said that Rain Man was the featured film of the month, I was not moved because I didn’t know Tom Cruise or the other actor in the movie. I just wanted to watch it because it was only five dollars and it was getting me out of class early, plus there was popcorn, the ultimate movie snack.

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The movie comes on, this brown-haired man fills the screen and I am immediately drawn to him like a moth to a flame. I want to know who that actor is. I want to know if he’s done other films. I want to know if he’s going to do more films. Who is Tom Cruise? What is Tom Cruise?

That was the first time I was introduced to the man who’ll eventually go on to become my utmost favorite actor and I simply accepted the fact that his acting excited me and made me want to watch movies.

The Challenge

I took a look at TC’s movie catalog just recently and realized that I haven’t seen all of his films. Believe it or not, but I have not seen films such as Legend, Risky Business, Losin It and All the Right Moves. All those movies are from the 80s and although I’ve watched and liked some movies from the 80s, I refer to it as a horny period.

I’ve seen Rock of Ages and although the movie was underwhelming, Tom delivered the goods. He puts so much into his character/s that it must be a writer’s dream to have this man bring their character to live on the big screen and do it justice.

I’ve decided to watch every one of Tom’s movies in chronological order except for the ones that he may have produced but didn’t star in (Elizabethtown, The Others etc.) and I’ll be posting the reviews here completed with a TC checklist. That’s about 42 movies at the moment including Space Station 3D which he narrated.

Tom is the greatest (and last) action movie star alive and even if his film turns out to be rubbish, he gives his all by investing in his character. With his movies, I devour every line, every expression and every sound. However, I cannot watch one movie per week because I’ll end up watching the same TC film four times in a row.

So, I’m going to get the popcorn popping, sit back and be prepare to be entertained.

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Short Story #15

Tattoos tell stories of love, war, courage, pain, and faith. So when Marilyn discovered the tattoos on her boyfriend’s lower back as he lay on the bed motionlessly and shirtless, she smiles at the discovery and traces a curious finger over the ink. Jean-Pierre Papin flinches slightly at the contact which she dismissed as an automatic reflex.

The tattoos were names and she smiles thinking that they were perhaps names of friends or relatives as she counts the small cursive names: five in total.

“Pierre?” she called out.

The Frenchman grunts knowing what was coming next. “Hmm?”

“What are these names?”

“They’re the names of my enemies.”

She gasps and pulls her hand back as if burned by a wicked fire. “Why put those names there then?”

“They’ve done me wrong at some point in life.”

“But it doesn’t make any sense.”

Why do things always have to make sense to a woman? Jean thought before coldly confessing, “I killed them.”

A thick eerie silence blanketed the room leaving Marilyn immobilized.

WORDS: 172