Jocund July!

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I’m still looking for June. She went by so fast! But I am utmost grateful to make it to another month. Despite not living up to my blogging potential, I still managed to accomplish a lot. 

A few plans for July:

^ Weekend Breaks. I’ve decided to take the weekends off. That means no blogging. I’ll be scheduling posts if I have the time on Thursdays and Fridays.

^ Book Reviews. This is a continual thing as long as the passion for reading is there.

^ Daily Inspiration. What better way than to start the day with His Word? ❤

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^ Keeping up with the 365 Days of Writing Prompts although I think I’ve been doing a good job thus far. 🙂

^ The Tom Cruise Movie Challenge. Heh! I participated in the 15 Films Tag last month and one of the questions was ‘Films you want to watch’ and my reply was Tom Cruise’s catalog, for although I consider him the best actor in the galaxy, I have not seen all of his films. I have not seen a TC movie that I didn’t like him in. Even if the movie was underwhelming, TC gave 110%… maybe even more. Well, I’ve decided to accept this challenge. I am not going to binge watch his movies so this challenge might span over a few months and yes, I’ll post my reviews on the movies here. 🙂

^ Yes English! We go back to our basic English roots. I have some topics already written, but I am too lazy to type. 

^ Top Ten Thursday. A category that I need to fill.

^ A to Z Challenge. For the last few years, I’ve been seeing this challenge around WordPress, but I’ve never got around to doing one because I didn’t find one that I would love to do. I plan to do long words.

^ ‘Setepai’. I have to thank that diary for this. My last short story – My Chosen – was written in the heat of the moment after watching The Mummy with Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella. I wanted to see more of Ahmanet and a love story between the mentioned actors’ characters, so I wrote that story. Now, I am working on a lengthy story. 

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^ I have some Blog Cleansing to do. This month I’ll be unfollowing inactive blogs.

Thank God that you’re alive and remember to…

June plans! – La Petit Muse: