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Of Maverick… and vampires?

Apparently, it’s going to be all about Maverick. 

While doing promotions for The Mummy, Tom Cruise slyly revealed that he was working on a second Top Gun and that shooting would begin next year. The title was revealed to be ‘Top Gun: Maverick’. *rolls eyes* Yes, I just rolled my eyes at Tom Cruise.

Tom did not indulge in details, but I did not ask for this movie. Yet, since we’re on this topic, might as well indulge in it a little.

If they’re looking for Maverick’s son, then they can look no further. Tada!

Image result for tom cruise zac efron

Yes, Zac Efron can be Maverick’s son. They dress the same:

Image result for tom cruise zac efron

Image result for tom cruise zac efron

And Zac knows the ‘need for speed’ special handshake:

Alas! This on-screen pairing might never happen because it’s all about selfish Maverick.

“Interview with the Vampire” TV series

I thought those bloodsuckers were finally dead!

TC hinted to Extra’s AJ Calloway that he may be involved in a new TV series based on his hit movie “Interview with the Vampire” saying,

“We’re going to see what’s going to happen. It’s all worked out. You’ll see, you’ll see as it’s going to develop.”

Please no. Let Lestat lay. There were talks to remake this movie last year with Jared Leto as the lead, but it was scrapped in favor of a TV series. If Tom is working on this, he might be with production, although it’d be nice to see him on the small screen as a cameo appearance.

Image result for gif tom cruise top gun yes ma'am


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